What HypnoBirthing Taught Me

Hypnobirthing Mom, happy with her baby

I’m forever grateful for HypnoBirthing. World class athletes use hypnosis. Why can’t women in labor?

I was 25 years old when HypnoBirthing came into my life. I was young but certain that I didn’t want to do what the other women in my family were doing. Part of me knew there was something more to birth than our society tells us. Our American culture says birth is hard, painful and scary. I wanted the truth of the matter.

HypnoBirthing taught me the whole picture.

The truth of the matter is women are amazing. Women’s bodies are miraculous. The truth of the matter is connecting with the baby in utero plays a huge part in how our labor will go. The mind is powerful and the mind and body are deeply interconnected.

HypnoBirthing taught me how to relax my mind and my body.

In that process I learned how to communicate internally with my sweet unborn child, full of potential and love. We were both growing and changing everyday. Taking time from the busy day to attend to my mental wellbeing and body helped me create space for her.

It also helped rewire my brain for relaxation in a time with a ton of hormonal change. It helped make my pregnancy easier. I was focused on what was going right.

HypnoBirthing taught me the importance of wellness.

It taught me the importance of accepting everything, just as it is, in the moment. It had a way of settling my mind so I could find my own inner strength, my own maternal instincts that guide me still.

My first born will be 9 this year and I think the best decision I ever made was HypnoBirthing. I truly feel so deeply blessed to have HypnoBirthing in my life. It was a wonderful tool to step into the power and joy within motherhood.

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