Helpful info regarding feeding your baby beyond the first six months or more, and topics that apply to both breast & bottle feeding.

Black Mom Breastfeeding

Black Breastfeeding Week, An Interview with Deidra Washington, IBCLC

By Buddha Belly Doulas | August 22, 2022

For Black Breastfeeding Week, we are highlighting one of our favorite lactation counselors. In addition to having her own private practice, Deidra is a member of the Buddha Belly team supporting clients with breastfeeding counseling. We are so grateful to have her on our team sharing her wisdom and experience. 1. Tell us about your…

food allergies and your child sitting in high chair

Food Allergies and Your Child

By Buddha Belly Doulas | May 24, 2022

Did you know that about 6 million children have food allergies? That is a staggering number in my opinion. I personally never experienced a food allergy, so I was not very concerned about introducing my son to new foods when he was a baby. I followed our pediatrician’s recommendations about introducing particular foods until he…


Breastfeeding Support Options

By Buddha Belly Doulas | January 6, 2022

Just like there is no such thing as “one size fits all” bras, breastfeeding help is no different. The best person that you can reach out to for breastfeeding support is a breastfeeding professional. Makes sense, right? In this article we will discuss the different types of breastfeeding support options that are available. As a…


When Should Baby Start Solid Food?

By Amy Lewis | December 11, 2020

I was so excited to start solid foods with my first baby. With ingredients from our community-supported agriculture delivery, I made her baby food with love. I ordered special spoons (to help with her ergonomics) and bowls, plates, cups and storage containers. And then guess what? She hated pureed food. Finally I tried giving her…


What’s the Best Formula for My Baby?

By Amy Lewis | November 25, 2020

We are often asked, as lactation counselors, what formula is best for my baby?  (Yes lactation counselors are experts in ALL modes of infant feeding, not just breastfeeding.) This also comes up when we are supporting families as postpartum doulas. For us, the best baby formula should follow three simple rules. As a reminder, we…

newborn and infant bottle-feeding in hospital after birth

Newborn and Infant Bottle-Feeding | Formula Fed Babies

By Amy Lewis | November 11, 2019

Newborn and Infant bottle-feeding can be daunting! Feeding their newborn is one of the first things in most new parents’ minds, right behind a birth plan! No matter which option is chosen, most parents need to use a bottle at some point. From leaving baby with a caregiver to get a well-deserved break to letting…


How Do I Get A Breast Pump From Insurance? [updated in 2021]

By Amy Lewis | April 27, 2016

Expecting parents sometimes ask us how they can get a breast pump from their health insurance company.  Whether you’re planning to return to work or not, a breast pump is handy to have available for those times when you can’t nurse your baby at your breast. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, these should be…

Doula Support Positively Affects Breastfeeding

Doula Support Positively Affects Breastfeeding

By Christie Collbran | March 11, 2016

Improved breastfeeding outcomes are not merely opinion. Research has concluded what many mothers and doulas know from personal experience. Having a doula not only improves the birth experience, it makes the transition to a new life with baby smoother. Plainly stated doula support has a positive affect on breastfeeding! One study was conducted with 724 first time mothers.…

Breastfeeding, Skin to Skin

Breastfeeding, Getting a Good Start with Skin-to-Skin

By Christie Collbran | December 17, 2015

Last week myself and another postpartum doula on our team, spent five long days learning about lactation at The Lactation Counselor Training Course through The Healthy Children Project. It was eye-opening in so many ways even after having breastfed my own children for a combined total of more than 5 ½ years. So,  I wanted to share…